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IC:232 days to go until competition

EV:260 days to go until competition

Welcome to UVFR Wiki![edit | edit source]

Systems of the Team[edit | edit source]




Vehicle Dynamics

Driver Controls


Low Voltage Electronics

High Voltage Electronics




Additional Pages[edit | edit source]


Member Onboarding

Team Software

Mech Machine Shop

UVic Dyno

Off-Campus Trip Planning

Standard Project Documentation

Part Numbering Standard

Purchasing and Shipping

Leadership Structure

Leads In Training


UVFR Garage

Member Alignment Chart

Pages to Have on Wiki but not on main page[edit | edit source]

Standard Team Fasteners

Laser Cutting

Data Analysis

Slack Quotes

Office Simulator

Test Day


Corner Weighting


Vehicle Maintenance

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Wiki Tools and Guides[edit | edit source]

Useful Resources for Using This Wiki
UVFR Wiki User's Guide Everything you need to know about using Wiki, including why we use it!
MediaWiki Tips and Tricks A list of useful guides for on various wiki tools
Templates Templates for commonly used pages (ex. Test Reports, Part Dev, etc.)

UVFR Contact[edit | edit source]


Phone: 250-721-6014